About Ben

Ben Wanetick has invested in real estate for over 15 years. The first property he bought was a duplex in a rough neighborhood with a 5% down payment. Using his engineering background, market analysis, and a lot of hard work, he sold that property for a 17x return. Since then he has analyzed hundreds of opportunities, and has successfully bought, renovated, sold, and invested in over 80 properties.

Prior to founding Ben the Broker, Ben was a sales executive who sold airplanes globally. Ben holds a B.S. from Cal Poly SLO and a MBA from Pepperdine. In his spare time Ben enjoys flying, hiking, scuba diving, and enjoying all of California’s beauty.

Ben has a gift for listening and understands the emotions involved in the buying and selling process. He prides himself on always innovating and providing unrivaled direct service. Treating his clients listings like his own is the foundation of his referral-fueled business.